Looking at Your Darkness Without Fear | ACIM w/MiraclesOne Podcast

Deb, Gayle, and Mari share their wisdom in how to look within by practicing love, compassion, and kindness as well as keeping our perceptions in check. Source: https://www.spreaker.com/user/miraclesone/030419-podcast Recorded March 4th, 2019 Your donations help to make this broadcast possible. Thank you! Our ACIM Lessons website – www.acimlessons.org Our MiraclesOne main website – www.miraclesone.org Read More

Changing the Script

Rev. Deb shares how we can change the script by recognizing our purpose. Recorded February 3, 2019 Your Donation Helps to Support our Ministry! Thank you for your generosity so we may continue to bring these videos to you. MiraclesOne – www.miraclesone.org ACIM Lessons – www.acimlessons.org Read More

Be Gentle and Let Your Practice Unfold | ACIM w/MiraclesOne Podcast

Source: https://www.spreaker.com/user/miraclesone/podcast-01282019 Be Gentle and Let Your Practice Unfold with Deb, Gayle, and Mari Deb, Gayle, and Mari offer wisdom for working with the daily lessons. As you practice the Lessons in the Workbook for Students, remember to be gentle with yourself. Jesus offers us his tenderheartedness, kindness, and gentleness to us. We are being […] Read More

Approaching the Workbook Lessons | ACIM w/MiraclesOne Podcast

Source: https://www.spreaker.com/user/miraclesone/01072019-podcast with Deb, Gayle and Mari For our first episode of the New Year 2019, we share our personal experiences with practicing the Workbook Lessons. Here at MiraclesOne, we have dubbed this the Year of Practical Application as everything we offer will be based on the Workbook for Students. Join us! Recorded January 7th, […] Read More