Thoughts on Lesson 90 – 2022

Review II – Lessons 79-80 The ego plays its games over and over again until you don’t get it. You never will be able to solve the ego’s problems because the ego thought system in the split mind is designed to never be resolved. It is designed to sustain itself in conflict and chaos as […] Read More

Thoughts on Lesson 89 – 2022

My miracle today is turning around and seeing the miracle that is in front of me. In the past, I had tightly clung onto the doorknob of the door that was closing behind me, while not being aware of the golden door of opportunity that lay open before me. Fear kept me from walking through the threshold […] Read More

Thoughts on Lesson 88 – 2022

Review II. Lessons 75-76 The music of my soul encircles the Light. Freely it dances under the Love of God. There is nothing that I need. All bonds are laid aside. All self-imposed chains fall away. What more could I want but my own freedom; freedom from the boundaries and rules of the world. Stepping in […] Read More

Thoughts on Lesson 86 – 2022

Review II. Lessons 71-72 There is only one plan to follow and that is His plan. His plan may not be popular in the world, or well received by others. It may seem that I create enemies or lose others in my life. The time of people-pleasing comes to an end as I follow Him. People-pleasing […] Read More