Audio/Video: Lesson 81

Lesson 81 Review II 61 – I am the light of the world. 62 – Forgiveness is my function as the light of the world. We are in Review II where we now take a refresher on two lessons per day. We notice again that the review portion of these two lessons are given in […] Read More

Keys: Lesson 81

Review II and Lesson 81 Review II We will cover 2 lessons a day. The first part of the day is devoted to one, and the latter part of the day to the second lesson. One longer exercise period and frequent shorter practices. Longer Practice Periods 15 minutes. Think about the ideas (both) for the […] Read More

Thoughts with Gayle: Lesson 80

Hi there, I found reading Ken Wapnick’s take on this lesson most helpful, I hope you do too: To “And you can recognize the answer, because the problem has been identified.” (2:6): “The crucial aspect in this process is not the answer as such, but identifying where and what the problem is.  Again, simply stated, […] Read More

Thoughts with Deb: Lesson 80

Our experience here and those situations that keep recurring is based on ourselves projecting our unconscious guilt. We do this to attempt to punish ourselves and of course to keep God from punishing us (for we can do it better!). If I keep having continued problems, unhappiness, failure, disappointments, lack of success, deep down the ego […] Read More

Thoughts with Mari: Lesson 80

“You are entitled to peace today. A problem that has been resolved cannot trouble you. Only be certain you do not forget that all problems are the same. Their many forms will not deceive you while you remember this. One problem, one solution. Accept the peace this simple statement brings.” If I become discouraged about […] Read More

Keys: Lesson 80

Lesson 80 – Let me recognize my problems have been solved. Keys to this Lesson If we are willing to recognize our problems we will see that we have no problems! The only problem has been answered and there are no other problems. We are at peace always. One problem, one solution. Salvation is complete. […] Read More

Thoughts with Mari: Lesson 79

“No one could solve all the problems the world appears to hold. They seem to be on so many levels, in such varying forms and with such varied content, that they confront you with an impossible situation. Dismay and depression are inevitable as you regard them. Some spring up unexpectedly, just as you think you […] Read More

Thoughts with Gayle: Lesson 79

Morning! Before I speak to this lesson from my own experience, the following is a little excerpt from Ken’s Journey through the WB: “Lessons 79 and 80 are unmistakably clear in their statement and meaning.  Their language is simple, yet the entire curriculum is contained in them, being essentially a variation on the principle theme […] Read More