Thoughts on Lesson 99 – 2022

Salvation is my only function here. Whenever I am sitting in my feelings, those pained emotions that are the seeming results of situations in my life, be it sadness, anger, upset, worry, concern, etc., I can choose another way. However, the prospect of another way may seem far-fetched or hard to reach in those moments […] Read More

Thoughts on Lesson 97 – 2022

I am spirit. The Holy Spirit, the spirit of peace within your mind is happy to join with you to work with you in helping you to awaken to the experience of the reality that really surrounds you right now in Heaven. The key to allowing this shift of the awareness of Heaven to come […] Read More

Thoughts on Lesson 96 – 2022

Salvation comes from my one Self. I can only see my one Self from the Home of Light which is in my mind. As I sit in contemplation reaching past the clouds of doubt, the eternal light shines in its strength. Whatever has gone before this moment in time does not seem to matter; only […] Read More