Audio/Video: Lesson 248

Lesson 248 Whatever suffers is not part of me.   Without forgiveness I will still be blind. spreaker type=player resource=”episode_id=6583646″ theme=”light” autoplay=”false” playlist=”false” cover=”” width=”75%” height=”200px”] Click on the audio title to go to Spreaker for downloading the audio file. >> Read More

Thoughts with Mari: Lesson 247

“Sin is the symbol of attack.  Behold it anywhere, and I will suffer.  For forgiveness is the only means whereby Christ’s vision comes to me.  Let me accept what His sight shows me as the simple truth, and I am healed completely.  Brother, come and let me look on you.  Your loveliness reflects my own. […] Read More

Thoughts with Ryan: Lesson 247

Insights By: Ryan Westbrook-Vigue Workbook Lesson: 247 Without forgiveness I will still be blind.        Lesson 247   Without forgiveness I will still be blind.    Every moment of every day is a choice. Do I want loneliness and isolation of a separate identity or do I want the joy and communion identifying […] Read More