Thoughts on Lesson 190 – 2022

I choose the joy of God instead of pain. The Light of Joy, or Heaven can wait, are our only two choices within the world and one of them is not real. Every moment we hold the world within our perception, we seemingly hold off the joy of Heaven a little longer. How wonderful it […] Read More

Thoughts on Lesson 189 – 2022

I feel the Love of God within me now. Let us remember the importance of what it is we are trying to accomplish here. We are training our minds to meet God. As we truly learn to open up and allow His blazing Light to reveal Itself within our minds, we will simultaneously feel His […] Read More

Thoughts on Lesson 188 – 2022

The peace of God is shining in me now. My message to me: Release all attachments to outcomes as it may turn out more beautiful that even imagined. Jerry Jampolsky reminded me of this about 6 years ago in a personal phone conversation. Thanks Jerry! And today’s Lesson reminds me of the Light of Peace […] Read More

Thoughts on Lesson 187 – 2022

I bless the world because I bless myself. Sacrifice contains the essence of guilt. Sacrifice means that the giver is not truly giving out of love, but rather a sense of “I’m doing this for you and you better appreciate it.” It is not true giving. True giving is done from one’s sacred heart of […] Read More

Thoughts on Lesson 186 – 2022

Salvation of the world depends on me. There may be times that I do not feel up to par, feel the greatest Miracles Teacher or Student, feel the greatest person in the world even, but it doesn’t mean that my greatness has disappeared. It is simply that I have forgotten. This can happen to anyone here […] Read More