Thoughts on Lesson 145 – 2022

Review Lessons 129-130    Today’s lesson brings only peace when I come to know which world I truly want. It is the world of God; it is Heaven itself. Through my forgiveness I lay guilt aside and “bring the darkness to the light, and guilt to holiness.” T-18.IX.9:1. The Holy Spirit is my dearest Companion […] Read More

Thoughts on Lesson 144 – 2022

Review Lessons 127-128    When I got home from work yesterday afternoon, I decided to sit down and spend some time with Holy Spirit to let go of some of the stress from my day. Before I randomly opened the Course to a page, I quietly asked Jesus to select something fun for me to […] Read More

Thoughts on Lesson 142 – 2022

Review Lessons 123-124 I thanked my Father for His gift to me in helping me realize that this was an example of an unconscious fearful belief that I could take to the Light and allow the Light of True Forgiveness to come forth and heal it for me. And so, I took a few moments […] Read More

Thoughts on Lesson 141 – 2022

Review Lessons 121-122    When we open our minds and become receptive to seeing, hearing and experiencing through the Mind of the Holy Spirit, we begin to have experiences of seeing what the Holy Spirit sees, of hearing what the Holy Spirit hears, and experiencing what the Holy Spirit knows. We begin to have experiences […] Read More