Thoughts with Mari: Lesson 143

Father, today’s lesson speaks to me of the truth that to give is to receive. If I’m still and listen deeply, I will receive your loving messages, which I share with you in return. If I project fearful thoughts, I w ill perceive fear in the dream of a world I’m weaving. If I give […] Read More

Thoughts with Gayle: Lesson 143

Good Morning! Another violent storm last night…for about two hours.  My husband ended up downstairs on the couch with Gracie, I had attended to her the night before.  And fireworks may be forthcoming, she is more terrified of those than storms.  Shakes violently, cannot be consoled or soothed, tough for us who are trying our […] Read More

Thoughts with Deb: Lesson 143

What I receive is what I give. If I focus my mind on drama, stress, negativity and everything that is wrong in my “world” then that will be my experience. That is what I give to myself. This doesn’t mean we don’t do our own shadow work and look at the places within that need […] Read More

Keys: Lesson 143

REVIEW IV LESSON 143-Review Lessons 125-126 Review Keys Central Theme: My mind holds only what I think with God. This is a fact and represents the truth of What you are and What your Father is. This thought guarantees salvation, establishes the Son as created by God and co-creator with Him. Lack of forgiveness can […] Read More