Thoughts with Mari: Lesson 123

“An unheard message will not save the world, however mighty be the Voice that speaks, however loving may the message be.” I think we offer gratitude to God by loving people and looking at the world with appreciation. Walking in the spring sunshine today, listening to courting house finches and chickadees, I felt deeply grateful. […] Read More

Thoughts with Gayle: Lesson 123

Morning! What does Ken have to say about today’s lesson?  Here goes! KEN’S THOUGHTS: In response to 1:4, he writes: “In the opening paragraph of “The Happy Dream,” Jesus says in effect we have no idea what is going on with us: “…for you cannot distinguish      between advance and retreat.  Some of your greatest advances […] Read More

Thoughts with Deb: Lesson 123

I thank my Father for His gifts to me. In The Song of Prayer supplement to ACIM, it tells us our only prayer is one of gratitude. I know my days are more peaceful when I come from this place of gratitude. He says this with “we have come to gentler pathways and to smoother […] Read More

Keys: Lesson 123

LESSON 123-I thank my Father for His gifts to me. Keys to this Lesson Today we will be thankful. We have come to gentler pathways and smoother roads. There is no turning back. You may waver a bit here and there, but you have gained so much. Today you will devote the day to gratitude. […] Read More