Thoughts with Mari: Lesson 110

“In this one thought is all the past undone; the present saved to quietly extend into a timeless future.  If you are as God created you, then there has been no separation of your mind from His, no split between your mind and other minds, and only unity within your own.” This has been a […] Read More

Thoughts with Gayle: Lesson 110

Some thoughts from Ken in response to 9:4-10:1 that I found helpful this morning: “The problem is that we do not want to seek Him, because we do not want to find Him.  We seek instead to retain this shabby image of Christ’s Self.  The purpose of these exercises – indeed, the purpose of ACIM […] Read More

Keys: Lesson 110

LESSON 110-I am as God created me. Keys to this Lesson This lesson is repeated a few times in the Workbook. This is the one thought that will save you and the world. IF you believe it to be true.         As Jesus says: If you remain as God created you fear has no meaning, evil […] Read More