Thoughts with Mari: Lesson 109

I rest in God. As with all lessons, applying it in everyday situations helps reinforce my learning. Waylon’s gum infection has returned, so I felt rather low this morning. Understanding that I needed to ask for healing of my mind, I took a few minutes to rest in God. Though the circumstances have not changed, […] Read More

Thoughts with Gayle: Lesson 109

What’s not to love about today’s lesson?  Even if other lessons, at times, may seem to be obscure, if you will, not intelligible or elusive, this one is very straightforward. Some thoughts from Ken: “Jesus is not saying we should disappear on a mountaintop and rest in God.  He asks us to practice this lesson […] Read More

Keys: Lesson 109

LESSON 109-I rest in God. Keys to this Lesson You will rest in God. You ask for peace in the midst of the chaos of the world. You ask for safety and for happiness. The thought for today: I rest in God. This thought brings you the rest and quiet and peace and stillness and […] Read More