Thoughts with Deb: Lessons 101-102

101 – God’s Will for me is perfect happiness.102 – I share God’s Will for happiness for me. Don’t the lesson affirmations themselves say it all? What more could I say about these lessons, really and truly.  God wants me to recognize how my true nature is happiness. If I forgive, I will know my true […] Read More

Thoughts with Mari: Lesson 102

“For several days we will continue to devote our periods of practicing to exercises planned to help you reach the happiness God’s Will has placed in you. Here is your home, and here your safety is. Here is your peace, and here there is no fear. Here is salvation. Here is rest at last.” I […] Read More

Keys: Lesson 102

LESSON 102–I share God’s Will for happiness for me. Keys to this Lesson You do not want to suffer. You want happiness. You may think that suffering brings you something, but it doesn’t. With today’s practice we are letting go of this idea. Pain does not have a purpose. There is no reason to suffer. […] Read More