Thoughts with Mari: Lesson 25

In this lesson, Jesus tells me that I have no personal interests. At first, this sounds both absurd and insulting. Of course, I have personal interests, don’t I? Even though the quotation below comes before this assertion, I think it explains what he is getting at. I am not a separate being, self-sufficient and alone. […] Read More

Thoughts with Gayle: Lesson 25

Hi everyone, Well, today’s a better day!  I am blessed to participate in many different offerings from MiraclesOne, our Wednesday study group during the day, our Thursday evening classes, podcasts with Rev. Deb and Mari, daily Workbook calls every single morning 365 days a year, etc.  Oh, and I wish to acknowledge, also, the blessing […] Read More

Keys: Lesson 25

Lesson 25 – I do not know what anything is for. Keys to this Lesson Today’s idea explains why nothing we see means anything. We don’t know what it is for and it is meaningless! All of the previous lessons come in to play here. We think the world is meaningful based upon what our […] Read More