Keys: Lesson 165

LESSON 165-Let not my mind deny the Thought of God. Keys to this Lesson The world seems real because of your denial of the truth. Your thoughts of misery obscure perfect happiness and eternal life. The Thought of God created you. It belongs to you. By it you live. The Thought of God protects you, […] Read More

Thoughts with Mari: Lesson 164

“What time but now can truth be recognized?  The present is the only time there is.  And so today, this instant, now, we come to look upon what is forever there; not in our sight, but in the eyes of Christ.  He looks past time, and sees eternity as represented there.  He hears the sounds […] Read More

Thoughts with Gayle: Lesson 164

Good Morning! KEN’S THOUGHTS: “The lesson’s main theme is vision, which reappears throughout the workbook and ACIM itself.  The focus here is on helping us exchange our way of looking at the world – judgment and separate interests – for the vision of Christ – forgiveness and shared interests. If you took a college course […] Read More

Keys: Lesson 164

LESSON 164Now we are one with Him Who is our Source. Keys to this Lesson The present is the only time there is.Look with the eyes of Christ.How quiet is the time you give to spend with Him.You carry peace in your heart and you can never lose it.We will not judge today. Exercise Let […] Read More

Thoughts with Mari: Lesson 163

“Our Father, bless our eyes today.  We are Your messengers, and we would look upon the glorious reflection of Your Love which shines in everything.  We live and move in You alone.  We are not separate from Your eternal life.  There is no death, for death is not Your Will.  And we abide where You […] Read More

Thoughts with Gayle: Lesson 163

Good Morning! Moving forward, I will not be putting all of his thoughts in quotations, just trust that everything I share is from him until I indicate differently. KEN’S THOUGHTS: This lesson parallels the section near the end of the manual, “What Is Death,” which teaches, as does Lesson 167, that death symbolizes the totality […] Read More