Resource: What Workbook Support Do You Need?

Daily Practice Phone Call for Lesson Practice Posts on Social Media, via dedicated email, Email Group, (see sidebar to join these) and our Lessons Blog Also see audio and video below Weekly (see details here) Sunday Study Group in Madison, Wisconsin Tuesday Study Group via Conferencing (video or phone) Wednesday Study Group via Conferencing (video or phone) Thursday 6-week […] Read More

Keys: Intro to Workbook

I will be including a written version of the original Workbook Keys audio/video for those who cannot access audio or video. These are short written explanations to the lessons. Nothing fancy here, but the bottom line! ACIM Workbook Keys with Revs. Deb and Paul Phelps Introduction to Workbook The purpose is mind-training and a shift in our current perceptions. The exercises are simple and don’t require a lot of time. […] Read More

Follow What Jesus Says

There is a tendency with ACIM students, particularly new students, to attempt to make the Course say what it does not say. We can be colored by our previous studies of philosophy or other religions or other spiritual seeking, modalities like yoga or reiki and the like and place those on top of what the […] Read More

Just Do Them, Period

Like you and many, I have been through the lessons multiple times, more than I can count. What I have learned is this: Just do them, period. Do not try to understand them, it’s a waste of time, just do them as instructed.  The amount of time I spent “desperately” trying to get the import […] Read More