Keys: Introduction to Workbook

These are short written explanations to the lessons. Nothing fancy here, but the bottom line! Introduction to Workbook The purpose is mind-training and a shift in our current perceptions. The exercises are simple and don’t require a lot of time. Set the priority – Set the commitment. Use everything and everyone that comes into your mind and life experience for the lessons. The aim is to extend the ideas […] Read More

Resource: What Workbook Support Do You Need?

Daily Practice Lesson Practice Posts on Social Media, via dedicated email, Email Group, (see sidebar to join these) and our Lessons Blog Also see audio and video below Weekly (see details here) Sunday Study Group via Zoom (video or phone) Wednesday Study Group via Zoom (video or phone) Monthly (see details here) Monthly Webinar Audio (see details here) Previous Workbook Lesson podcasts ACIM with MiraclesOne […] Read More

Podcast: One Step at a Time

Rev. Deb shares the importance of taking one step at a time as we approach the Workbook Lessons, and A Course in Miracles itself. She also describes the 2019 Year of Practical Application and what you can choose from to fit your needs best.. Recorded December 2nd, 2018 Your Donation Helps to Support our All-Volunteer […] Read More