Thoughts on Lesson 138 – 2022

Heaven is the decision I must make.    There is an important point in today’s Lesson. “Truth cannot come where it could only be perceived with fear. For this world be the error truth can be brought to illusions. Opposition makes the truth unwelcome, and it cannot come.” It is not for me to cover […] Read More

Thoughts on Lesson 137 – 2022

When I am healed I am not healed alone.    In order for us to truly learn what Jesus means when he says “when we are healed we are not healed alone” it is important for us to remember to commit and recommit ourselves to developing the habit of connecting with God. The practice of […] Read More

Thoughts on Lesson 136 – 2022

Sickness is a defense against the truth.   In today’s lesson, Jesus says that “Healing will flash across your open mind.” What he is talking about here is the experience of perceiving yourself as a Vision of Christ. Remember, we are not bodies, we are spirit. The Holy Spirit has a gift for us to […] Read More

Thoughts on Lesson 135 – 2022

If I defend myself I am attacked. Defend, attack; attack, defend ….. it can become a vicious cycle. It is similar to giving and receiving being as the same. What is there for me to really defend? If I am secure in all that I am, there is nothing to defend. However, I forget who […] Read More

Thoughts on Lesson 134 – 2022

Let me perceive forgiveness as it is.    It is very easy to catalog the “sins” and mistakes of another. With any one person coming to mind, even now, one can readily find their faults. Of course, I may see these faults or sins in another, see how they are wrong or their need to […] Read More