Thoughts with Deb: Lesson 85

Each morning I walk around our home opening the blinds and curtains on all of our windows to allow the light to stream through. There are times though when I have a migraine and I retire to our bedroom. The windows in the bedroom have black-out curtains. In the dark, yes I rest with my pain, yet […] Read More

Keys: Lesson 85

Review II and Lesson 85 Review Lessons 69-70 (The Review instructions are at the bottom) Lesson 85 Reviewing: (69) My grievances hide the light of the world in me. (70) My salvation comes from me. Key Thoughts (69) My grievances hide the light of the world in me. I must lay grievances aside! It’s that […] Read More

Thoughts with Mari: Lesson 84

“Love created me like itself. Love holds no grievances.” As I was reading today’s lesson, it occurred to me that all of the characteristics Jesus mentions in the comments to the first idea deal with my right or true mind. I still experience pain, loss, and all the rest, but it isn’t my Self which […] Read More

Thoughts with Deb: Lesson 83

In Review 65, this line “With one purpose only, I am always certain what to do, what to say and what to think.” This reminds me of the “Truly Helpful” Prayer in the Text. I step back and I allow the Spirit to step forward. Here, it is the spirit of forgiveness. Forgiveness helps me […] Read More