This holy instant would I give to You.
Be You in charge. For I would follow You,
Certain that Your direction gives me peace.

   The final lessons are an encounter in great joy for what comes is a time now for deep listening. I offer willingness with an open mind and heart to hear what the Voice for God would speak to me. I am not afraid of His Answers for His Answers will only bring me peace. All that I need will be given to me as I lay aside all the petty thoughts and dreams that I believe are mine. They are only coming from the ego mind, the haven of fear. It is Heaven that I receive today each time I forgive. Happiness is within me, I just unwrap and unravel all the ribbons of fear that have entangled it and kept it from my sight. No more will I seek to find my happiness in the world when there is only the joy of God to be had.

   This is what the Holy Spirit tells me of today. Be happy by being Me, my True Self. To listen I need to release my own thoughts, my own words that fill the space where He can come. It is as the monk’s bowl. How can it be filled with goodness if I keep it full of my own wanderings? My own interpretations? Today, I interpret nothing, I empty my mind and enter into the sacred space of holy silence. I wait patiently for Your Sweet Voice Holy Spirit. Sing to me Heaven’s song and let the angels sing with You in Joy of Your Son Who was created like His Father. I accept the truth of who I am and let my mind be wholly healed today.

Excerpt from Lesson 361-365 in our Journey Through the Workbook for Students: Divine Messages


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