This instant is the only time there is.

   If we pause for a moment and look around the room that we seem to be present in now, we may see a chair or a table or a picture on the wall or a clock on the shelf. As we gaze upon these objects, the ego thought system would have us believe that we are perceiving in the moment of Now. This is a mistake in both thought and perception. What we are perceiving is interval of time and time does not exist. If we were to get a glass and a pitcher of water and carefully observe water pouring from the pitcher into the glass.

   Once again the ego thought system would have us believe that we are observing something in the present moment of Now. We are not. Again, this is a mistake in thought and perception. To truly experience the moment of Now, the moment of timelessness itself, we must be still. Close your eyes, turn inward, settle down within yourself, within your mind. Let all things go, let all activities of your mind go, sink down and inward and settle into that peaceful place of rest. Seek to see the Light of Christ. Rest in this peaceful place and observe the dark screen of your mind’s eye and wait for the Light of Christ to flash into your awareness. It is there waiting for you to reveal it to yourself from Him Who sent you. Ask the Holy Spirit to help with this process or if you feel more comfortable invite Jesus to help you with this process. They are here, I assure you of this and will help you if you truly seek to find the Light within yourself.

Excerpt from Lesson 308 in our Journey Through the Workbook for Students: Divine Messages


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