A happy outcome to all things is sure.

   Release the outcome.

   That phrase has been uttered many times not only by me but by others that I know.

   Let go and let God.

   Ah, another wisdom morsel.

   This lesson reminds me of the freedom I experience when I release all preconceived notions on what “should” be. The ego has a way of presenting every good reasoning behind the worry, the planning, the attempt at controlling. “Sorry God this one You cannot handle.” My fear is too great if I let go. Funny what comes to mind. It’s like planning a first time trip to Disney World but arriving and finding it closed. If I don’t control the outcome, who will? What? Leave it up to God? What if I do not like what He has planned? What if it hurts? What if His Kingdom, His Heavenly World is not what I expect?

   And so the ego goes on t make something else, more elaborate and intricate, yet all with false backdrops to conceal the truth of its illusory nature.

   Do I want joy?

   Indeed I do.

Excerpt from Lesson 292 in our Journey Through the Workbook for Students: Divine Messages


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