The past is over. It can touch me not.

Dear Father,

   What peace would I have if I let slip from my fingers all the moments that came before this moment in time. I cannot truly hold them, they are but vapors of something that I have placed all value in that really means nothing; a yesterday barely remembered. Only those moments that I gleam from it that I hold within, and even those are not even true to the moment as it was occurring. Judgment has been in my mind, either good or bad, it is still judgment that I behold with my sight.

   With judgment I cannot journey forward and into the freshness and wholeness of the lush garden that is before me. In the past, it is but dust and sand, no oasis of water. Mirages all the same. Even the future is something that I only behold in my mind based upon what I know about the past. I truly do not know. I only pretend to know what I think the outcome will be to any situation.

   Today, I let go of the grip that I have held on the past, its pains and hurts, even its happy days. They are not the reflection of the shining Love that is held with Your Eyes, dear Father and never could be. Your peace is only what I seek and brushing aside the past, laying it down on the side of the road will answer my call for serenity in my life.

Excerpt from Lesson 289 in our Journey Through the Workbook for Students: Divine Messages


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