What limits can I lay upon God’s Son?


   I am imprisoned by my thoughts of unforgiveness. I imprison my brothers with my thoughts of judgment.
   Let me loose the tight and rusty chains that bind so that I and my brother may walk free and into the Light of Truth. My brother and I are the same. It is the ego that devises ways to make separation real. It hides behind truth in exchange for its own “truth” which are only lies of deception. Lies that I believe. Lies about my brothers when in truth my brother is sinless.
   I walk in sinlessness.
   If I see sin in my brother, then I see it in me. If I see guilt, then it is merely the mirror of my own creation. The thoughts that keep me limited in.

   Forgiveness releases the walls of fear. And it is the walls of fear that I want crumbled into dust.
   Holy Spirit, this day I cast loose my fears, my judgments, my grievances unto you for I would exonerate myself from the pain of the chains that I myself have made.

Excerpt from Lesson 280 in our Journey Through the Workbook for Students: Divine Messages


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