Let me not bind Your Son with laws I made.

   Jeshua, What are some examples of laws that I have made in an attempt to bind God’s Son?

   You believe that you are a body condemned to wither and die. Death would be an example of an idol in this case. Guilt would be another example of an idol. If you believe that you have done something wrong then you have followed the voice of the ego. For only the voice of the ego would lead you to a feeling of fear and guilt. There is always a fundamental truth about every choice you seem to make.    When you have a choice to make, always choose the path that will lead you to peace of mind. If you are not sure because of the habits of the ego then ask the Holy Spirit, “What will lead me to more peace?” Remember that peace is your one goal, always, and peace always leads to a sense of inner joy and love. Love is simple; the ego makes it complicated. Life is simple. There are no plans that you need to make. Everything is laid out before you by the Holy Spirit. You just need to continue to practice your willingness to accept His plan, His path of peace and joy for you; to allow yourself to be carried through a happy and peaceful dream.

Excerpt from Lesson 277 in our Journey Through the Workbook for Students: Divine Messages


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