My sight goes forth to look upon Christ’s face.

   This lesson recalls a memory to mind of an experience that I received during meditation a couple of years ago. As my mind quieted and was then completely still, I felt the sensation of lifting up above the ground as if I was levitating. I didn’t open my eyes, but remained fully focused on the experience. In my minds’ eye, it appeared as if there were a cloud or fog present in the room. As I allowed the experience to occur at one point I left the body and was in such a place of indescribable light. It was glorious, magnificent, radiant, marvelous, sublime, all-loving and all the adjectives that you could possibly conjure up to use. Honestly though, how could mere words, these symbols upon symbols describe this experience.

   I rarely share these meditation or light experiences because of just that, that it is prohibitive to paint a picture of Heaven with inadequate equipment. Enough aside, as I continued in this experience, I felt that I had touched the face of Christ, not a physical touch but yet a distinct knowing that my inner vision had become connected with the Presence of All.

   The experience seemed to last an eternity, yet when I returned to the body and it is only because of an inkling of fear that arose that I did so, it was only a few minutes in the span of time. Even coming back into the body felt very heavy and burden-laden, as such was the lightness and freedom I had felt moments before.

Excerpt from Lesson 269 in our Journey Through the Workbook for Students: Divine Messages


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