I am surrounded by the Love of God.

   As the autumn chill arrives with the frost and the leaves just beginning to clothe themselves with glorious colors I too feel the frost of the ego upon my mind. When I step inside the warmth of my Home, I step into the Truth of God.

   I am protected wherever I go in my mind. I may have times that my mind is left outside its Home and experiences the frozen aspects of the ego. The ego wants to keep me frozen in time, particularly in the past. Waiting on expectations but only receiving resentments. It’s solution is no solution at all.

   Staying outside my Home, stomping my feet and rubbing and blowing on my hands will not beat the chill. These magic tricks will not bring me the knowledge of everlasting Love of the Father.

   Go within. Go within to the place of comfort and the hearth of Love. Take your brothers with you. Sit by the fire with a soothing hot drink. Drink in the Holy Spirit’s Wisdom, letting it soothe your mind and warm your soul.

Excerpt from Lesson 264 in our Journey Through the Workbook for Students: Divine Messages


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