Let me remember that there is no sin.

I am not condemned to a life of hell.

I am not in a time and space of no hope.

There is not a black mark on my soul.

There never was; there never shall be.

In God, is everything made new.

   At the end of the movie “Dogma” after all the destruction and death, God simply looks around, invokes Divine power and it is done. The scene is made anew. What had seemed to occur has now disappeared.

   I am made anew in the Father. Whatever story I have written here in the world, it will not define who I am. And, my Father will not love me any less. He does not see what I see for His sights are beyond and my innocence is held within His Heart.

   I do not have to live in the self-inflicted pain. Sure, I may attempt to continue to do so, even having a cavalier attitude. However, as I realize how much serenity that I can have in embracing truth and shedding all that is not my Self, I will accept true happiness into my life. My life will change.

Excerpt from Lesson 259 in our Journey Through the Workbook for Students: Divine Messages


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