Let me remember that my goal is God.

   Let us remember that the toys and trinkets of the ego include sorrow, guilt, projection, fear and anger. Through the use of these weapons the ego attempts to continue to hide the truth about yourself from your awareness. There are many forms of fear but in the end there is only one truth. You are not who you think you are and the other person is not who you think he or she is.

   You are not a good father nor a bad father. You are not a good mother nor a bad mother. You are not an alcoholic, a drug addict, an overeater, nor a poor wretched soul. These beliefs and many more the ego has about you and others are simply not true. There is only love. The true essence of every person and being you see within the world is radiant love. Love created you exactly like Itself and nothing else is true.

Excerpt from Lesson 258 in our Journey Through the Workbook for Students: Divine Messages


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