This day I choose to spend in perfect peace.

   The word “choice” and its derivatives are mentioned 578 times in the Course. I think it is a clue that it is a decision that I must make. Whatever seems to be occurring in my world, no matter how chaotic, I can step back and choose peace instead.

   I found this last evening during our study group session as we engaged in a lively, yet at times challenging and tension-filled discussion precipitated by one person who attends irregularly. Even after all these many years of doing the Course and facilitating groups, I found myself at first wanting to judge this person, even perceiving him as an angry, unpeaceful person coming to the meeting with an agenda. Others did as well.

   I knew that it was for me to go within and see the angry, unpeaceful parts that I carry, that I wish to keep hidden from my sight. Plus, where and when are the times that I come to a situation with my own agenda and not desiring to surrender to the Will of God.

   In these moments, do I prefer to be right or happy?

   As the evening progressed, at its highest point I found myself continuing to go within and ask Holy Spirit for guidance and assistance in forgiving the situation, the person, and myself. I saw how the evening was not at all following my agenda. Ah…and here I perceived that this very person had walked in with his own agenda! More forgiveness, more guidance with Holy Spirit!

   At the end of the evening as we shared embraces, he came to each person, hugging them and apologizing, sharing love. All that could be seen now was love and forgiveness. Holy Spirit showed me that this may be a pattern from his past. Challenge, conflict, tension, judgment, anger and afterwards be reassured that he has not been abandoned or that love was somehow taken away.

   This was something for me to think about as well. If I see this within my brother, then I see it in me.

Excerpt from Lesson 255 in our Journey Through the Workbook for Students: Divine Messages


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