Let every voice but God’s be still in me.

   I direct my mind. I choose the thoughts. I can elect to escort the thoughts offstage. They do not need to dance and perform in my mind. I choose the setting of silence, thus closing the curtain and relaxing in the resulting peace.

   Whether I practice this in sitting meditation or in walking meditation, I bring my mind to the focal point, in this case today’s lesson, and using it as is suggested here, “to quietly step back, look at the thoughts, and then let them go.”

   The ego’s thoughts are there to distract me with its tactics of smoke and mirrors so that I will not see the illusion that it is. The ego attempts to keep me grounded in this world by lifting those thoughts into the mind that would only make me think of the world. Such as: today’s rainy weather, the chores to be done, appointments to make, phone calls to return, aches and pains, family and friends, past memories. All appearing in my mind as a distraction to settling into listening only to the Voice that brings me assurance and peace. If I choose not to keep the other voices, those demanding, commanding ones, then indeed the stillness will be mine.

Excerpt from Lesson 254 in our Journey Through the Workbook for Students: Divine Messages


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