I am in need of nothing but the truth.  

During my morning meditation walk, Holy Spirit made me aware of the fact that it was garbage collection day here in Madison. Everything that is not needed is cast aside. The clippings, the leftovers, the dirty diapers, the broken toys and furniture, all that once served a purpose are now gladly released without another moment’s thought.
   I do not spend my time picking through the garbage insisting that I save that banana peel or that moldy bread now do I? Then why hang on to the old beliefs that no longer serve me as well? I needn’t jump and play in the garbage in my mind any longer. And just thinking about playing with garbage, what an image! I just let it go and allow the Holy Spirit, the Great Trash Collector, to do His job by collecting it all from my mind to be disposed of forever.
   I do not keep a broken chair, one with upholstery worn and tattered, with springs poking through. It is no longer useful. I instead place myself in the solid seat of the Father where I am always safe and secure, loved and at peace.

   Today, I allow my thoughts to be guided to the Truth. Any thought that is not of love or held in serenity, I joyfully give to You, Holy Spirit. I will watch my mind, forgive and be free.

Excerpt from Lesson 251 in our Journey Through the Workbook for Students: Divine Messages


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