Let me not see myself as limited.

   Jesus and the Holy Spirit have shared with us many times that the image of the body that we see is merely just a cloak of darkness that we have used to surrounded our light with; to block us from seeing the reflection of our True Selves. Isn’t that wonderful to know? Isn’t it wonderful to be given the instructions and tools we need to learn how to restore our ability to see truly instead of illusions? Jesus shares with us over and over again throughout the Course that He and the Holy Spirit have another vision for us to see, and that it can be seen! It is a vision of ourselves as a beautiful blazing white light! When we actually have an experience of seeing our light, we begin to recognize that it is unlimited in all aspects. It is endlessly beautiful to look upon. It reflects peaceful innocence that is felt within the heart when seen. Happiness fills the heart. Love is all we feel. The list goes on and on, just like our light Itself.

Excerpt from Lesson 250 in our Journey Through the Workbook for Students: Divine Messages


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