I am in danger nowhere in the world.

   Turn on the news and you will be sure to believe that you are in danger.

As you look at these images, and they are just images that you believe in, you seem to believe that what you experiences is true. The body can be harmed and it appears to harm. Even in the world you collectively believe that your so-called “natural disasters” are an “act of God.”
   I assure you that what you see before you is not an act of God or even the will of God as many in your world would say. You have invented this elaborate story of the world, this place of separation from your Father. You have placed an image of pain and punishment upon your Holy Father.
   He has always held you safe my Child, always in His Love and Care. No need to feel guilty about any of this. You know the truth now. That is all that matters. You have believed in the body, this shell of who you think you are. This shell cannot even contain your Essence. It tries but all it does is attempt to limit your potential as a weak substitute for God. You are unlimited beyond measure. All glory is yours.

Excerpt from Lesson 244 in our Journey Through the Workbook for Students: Divine Messages


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