This holy instant is salvation come.

In the insane moment I am not seeing the big picture, I am seeing a fragment of the picture that is colored by the past. I am seeing what I choose to see. Sure, intellectually it is easy to know this but bringing it into the feeling level is another thing. Covering it up with a facade of “Love and Light” does not work. Denial of the feelings does not work. The Holy Spirit is there, ever present, ever loving, ever caring, ever patient, and ever willing to listen to all my blocks to Love’s Presence.

   Who’s to define an instant? Do I measure it by the world’s standard of time? I come to the holy instant whenever I arrive at releasing my hands from what I am handing over to Spirit. I do not have to be as a dog playing tug of war with a chew toy. I can “drop it” as I am ready to really, really, really, really want the peace to dwell in my mind.

   I had heard someone say that there’s a faster way by “just going to the Light.” No one can make me ready, no one can push me into the Light, not even the Holy Spirit would do that. I have to be ready to enter into the Light. And sometimes I just need to release, and release, and release. Allow tears, allow whatever feelings are there. I move naturally through the process, sometimes in a few minutes, sometimes it may take days. I am always held in safety. I am always loved through the process.

Excerpt from Lesson 241 in our Journey Through the Workbook for Students: Divine Messages


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