Now would I be as God created me.

   The last few days has been filled with numerous severe thunderstorms with wind and heavy downpours, even power outages. This has left me indoors, to contemplate forgoing my daily walk in the warmth of the sun.

   So indeed I am indoors, going within as I “seek shelter from the storm.” How true this is whenever I am going through a major mind-healing growth spurt.

   The upswelling of emotions come, raining down tears or the fury of anger, emotion after emotion being felt. It is natural and it is felt as it occurs. Sometimes I may feel that I am alone as the dark clouds loom and crackle with their intensity. But as I go within to the Holy Spirit, I will be kept safe and warm and dry.

   Sometimes I sit feeling disconnected from the One, the Eternal Power Supply. It seems dark but in the period of darkness I ask for Light. It comes. It always comes. It was already there. I just did not see that I had turned it off in my mind.

   And soon the storm passes, perhaps in twenty minutes, or in a few days. But it always passes. A rainbow appears. The sun shines clear. I return to peace. I return to the remembrance of Who I am and what God created.

Excerpt from Lesson 237 in our Journey Through the Workbook for Students: Divine Messages


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