God is with me. I live and move in Him.

   Holy Spirit, This morning I am having trouble keeping still and listening for God’s Voice to speak to me. I start off by listening only for His Voice and then a few moments later I notice that my mind has wandered off from that focus and has begun to think about other things going on in my life. Would You please help me to still my mind this morning to settle down into that peaceful place where I focus solely on waiting to hear His Voice speak to me?

   Son of God, This is merely an underlying ego resistance to truly having an experience of meeting your Creator. This is why it is necessary to devote yourself to frequent practicing throughout the day. In your dreaming of having a split mind apart from your Creator, you have been practicing that you are split from Him since time began. This is not really true but in your seeming experience in the split part of the mind, it seems to be unfolding for you in a linear fashion.

   You will find it helpful to pause frequently throughout the day and practice stilling your thoughts and waiting for Father to speak to you. Start in little steps. Listen only for His Voice for perhaps five seconds. Then practice being completely still and listening only for His Voice for perhaps ten seconds. Continue to increment the time and your practicing of resting completely silent in peace and waiting for His Voice to speak to you until you have reached several minutes.

Excerpt from Lesson 222 in our Journey Through the Workbook for Students: Divine Messages


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