Peace to my mind. Let all my thoughts be still.

   The white wizard came galloping on a white horse in my mind. I imagined that it might be Gandalf from “The Lord of the Rings.” I saw him dismount and take his white staff and while tapping it on the ground, he made the command, “Peace to my mind. Let all my thoughts be still.”  A radiant, brilliant, almost blinding light shone from the precious jewel at the head of his staff. This Light then filled my entire mind.

   I see with this image (or dream, not sure, as I fell asleep during meditation) how it can help me to remember that I am in charge of my mind. I was reminded of an upcoming lesson, Lesson 236, “I rule my mind, which I alone must rule. I have a kingdom I must rule. At times, it does not seem I am its king at all. It seems to triumph over me, and tell me what to think, and what to do and feel.”

   I have the power to think what I choose; to follow the stream of thoughts that lead me to Heaven or hell. I guess you could say you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink. And so too with my mind, I can allow the ego to lead my down the path to hell but I don’t have to stay there.

   I do not want to follow the ego’s stream. I can forgive and let go. It doesn’t matter how far I follow the stream I can always refuse to drink of its poison and invite sanity in through the Holy Spirit. His Words will quench my thirst; His Guidance will lead me Home.

   I stop and rest awhile here on the journey, surrounded by the living waters. It is here in the sanctuary that I find what I need. It is a haven of hope for it is the haven of forgiveness, the haven of Love, whereby I let go of the heavy mail of pain and into the shining garments of the Holy One.

Excerpt from Lesson 222 in our Journey Through the Workbook for Students: Divine Messages


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