Review Lesson 200

   Holy Spirit, I enter into your holy sanctuary today to steady my footsteps on Your road to Peace. Through Your sure Guidance, I am carried and do not wander away from You. It is easy to be distracted by the images that I see on my screen of vision. These images can seem frightening with explosions, gunfire, people dying, hurt and crying out in pain.

   In my mind, I can feel Your comfort and Your sure Words. I am not what I think I see. This world is not my true Home. Yet, I still believe that I am living here. These images of war can become images of peace. Peace can be present in the midst of chaos. As I go within to You, I can be still and know the Peace of the Father. The Peace that surpasses the illusions of death that I have made. Peace is present. It is here. When I come to remember the Truth in these moments of fear thoughts, and these fear thoughts are present if I have any reaction big or small to the crisis, I have brought peace into my soul.

Excerpt from Lesson 220 in our Journey Through the Workbook for Students: Divine Messages


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