I bless the world because I bless myself.

Sacrifice contains the essence of guilt. Sacrifice means that the giver is not truly giving out of love, but rather a sense of “I’m doing this for you and you better appreciate it.” It is not true giving. True giving is done from one’s sacred heart of love with a complete knowing that both the giver and the receiver are wholly blessed by the act and the giving itself is the return. In sacrifice, it is always “Look what I’ve done for you.” It is an unloving stance. There is anger and there is judgment involved.

   If I truly want to give to another, including giving to myself, then I release all attachments, all cords, all ties, all conditions from the gift. That is what sacrifice is, it is giving with conditions, emotional or other reciprocal conditions. It is giving with expectation which then always leads to resentment. There is also a sense of superiority and inferiority, and I can hear in my mind the words, “You owe me.” There is a fear that I will be lost, that I have lost, never to recover again what I have given. I will end up with nothing, alone and abandoned in the darkness and so I better be sure that I get and retain what is mine.

Excerpt from Lesson 187 in our Journey Through the Workbook for Students: Divine Messages


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