I trust my brothers, who are one with me.

   As I sat in the waiting room while Paul was having a minor surgery procedure today, I saw many others waiting for their loved ones. In some faces, there was tension, some fear, some relief as the attending physician came to discuss the results. For me, even though I had been at first a little nervous, I found solace in connecting with Holy Spirit by reading the Course and taking time to be silent in my mind. I knew that I trusted the doctor because I trust Holy Spirit. The doctor is my brother. The others in the waiting room are my brothers. They are one with me because they are me.

   If I put barriers in any form, it is simply a distancing device from that Oneness that we all share. Some of the people in the waiting room were interesting characters, some even exhibiting anger toward their spouse in public. It is for me to release judgment of what I think I see for I do not know. I do not know what lies beyond these characters lives. This is all a story, a story that I have made up in my mind to keep me separate from the Divine Parts of My Self and to keep myself apart from the Divine Itself. If I focus on the stories of anger, fear, distancing and pain, then that is what I attract into my life. If I focus on the truth, on trust, on forgiveness, on the Love of God, then that will definitely expand and grow. My brothers are my mirrors. This reminds me of a sign outside the church down the street, “Have you been mugged by your mirror?” or something to that effect. So the message for me is to smile at my brother mirrors, for I am smiling at Divine Itself, Me.      

Excerpt from Lesson 181 in our Journey Through the Workbook for Students: Divine Messages


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