At work, I often find myself distancing myself or avoiding interpersonal contact with my supervisors because I am afraid of their perception of me. When I do communicate with my supervisors, I notice I am more comfortable communicating with them via email as opposed to face-to-face. The reason for this is that there is an underlying feeling of guilt and self-judgment that I could always be doing a better job. The ego thought system tends to attack with thoughts about how I could be doing a better job or I’m not as skilled or as intelligent as some of my peers. The ego always tends to tell me that if I do not stand out in some way, or if I have inadvertently rubbed with another, that down the road I will be punished by having something taken away from me such as my job. The ego belief system likes to tell you that you are guilty and that you are going to be punished and you need to hide in order to avoid this punishment.

   As I meditated upon this with Jesus and the Holy Spirit, Jesus pointed out that this is an example of a reflection in our belief in the separation from God. When the tiny mad idea seemed to come about within the mind of the Sonship, and the split mind seemed to happen, the Son of God seemed to come to a belief that he had done something wrong and was separated from God and that he needed to hide from God or else he would be punished. Jesus reminded me that my supervisors really weren’t there. The images of my supervisors and my own body within the illusion and the interaction between these bodies are just that, an illusion. The images we see are being projected from the unconscious part of the mind, the ego thought system. They are not really there and this is not really happening. These are made-up stories by the ego thought system that we think we are seeing, feeling and hearing.

Excerpt from Lesson 180 in our Journey Through the Workbook for Students: Divine Messages


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