Review Lessons 167-168

As we continue to practice moving into the Light with God, we will find that all of our aspirations will be met in our lives. This is how Love works. Love gives all to all. All has been given to His Son. The extension of creation of Love Itself was given to Him, His Son that He may extend it for His own joy. The extension of Love is the most fulfilling experience in the Sonship.

Developing the habit of extending unconditional love in the world of form will be the most fulfilling and joyful experience for those who truly practice doing just that. It emulates the process of creation in Heaven, and through the practice of this emulation in the world of form, one begins to remember and awaken to his or her reality in the Sonship as Spirit now.   

Glimpses of the experience of being in Spirit will be given to you as you practice remembering that you are God. There is no other way to do this other than actually putting your mind to it to practice. Mindfulness and willingness to let go of the dream you now behold in exchange for the gifts given to you by God is the only way to begin to awaken from the dream.

Excerpt from Lesson 179 in our Journey Through the Workbook for Students: Divine Messages


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