Review Lessons 163-164

   When I read “There is no death” in this morning’s message I noticed that the word death stood out to me. I observed an underlying fear that came up around the word and that I was afraid to take a closer look at it. I quickly attempted to turn my attention away from the word and attempted to look at some of the other words in the lesson so that I could focus on something different, more positive and happier. Almost unconsciously, I tried to sweep the fear under the carpet and pretend that it wasn’t there. I then went into meditation and Jesus started showing me images of things that helped me to realize that something was going on.

   As I opened up to looking at it with Him, I began to realize that the underlying fearful thought and belief was that death was going to catch up to me someday; either by getting me or by taking a loved one away from me and there was nothing that I could do about it. There was an unconscious feeling of helplessness over this belief, which is why I didn’t want to look at it. Now that I was more open, Jesus started to point out that this was a common trick of the ego belief system; to scare us into not looking at it so that it can never be healed.

Excerpt from Lesson 177 in our Journey Through the Workbook for Students: Divine Messages


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