Review Lessons 161-162

   Whenever a brother that I see seems to act out behaviorally in one way or another, it is always a call for love. It does not matter what the actions may be. It is for me to see beyond the behavior to the Christ within. When someone is acting out, it is because they have forgotten the truth of who they really are. Their actions may seem to protect them in some way, a shield in defense. Deep down they are tormented by rage and fear. They do not remember their Source of Love. It is easy to want to take their actions personally, to even desire to retaliate, however, that is the not the solution. See them only for the truth that they are, the love that they are, your brother in their time of need. Remember for him. He needs you and you need him. You are connected. You need this connection for it is only Oneness that you share.    When a bully bullies, it is only to cover the insecurity and self-hatred that they have for themselves from the world. That is all. Do not respond with anger. Do not recoil in distaste. Love them.

Excerpt from Lesson 176 in our Journey Through the Workbook for Students: Divine Messages


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