Review Lessons 159-160

   Have faith in the Light that leads you Home. Have faith in nothing else. When you place your faith in what is outside of you, you will never be led to the truth. You will only be led to darkness and sadness. That is not what you truly want. You want to feel alive. You want to experience true joy and happiness. Be as a child. Be in the moment. Remember your innocence.

   Thank You Holy Spirit for these reminders of where I am always. Thank You for holding the door open wide to my Home. This world is strange to me. I am not welcome here. But you offer me so much more. I learn each day that the more I give, the more that I receive. Withholding love from anyone does not really bring me anything but internal pain. Thank You for reminding me of my real Joy in my Father.

   Dear One, you are loved in such a way that you could never possibly imagine the depth and magnitude. The Love You Father has for you is beyond all words, all songs, all light, all the angels in Heaven. It expands and grows even now as I speak to you. Each moment your inner Light of radiance wants to shine, wants to extend to all. You cannot keep it hidden, keep it covered. Let it shine. Let it shine to all your brothers and sisters. They are indeed one with you. Be one with them in peace.

Excerpt from Lesson 175 in our Journey Through the Workbook for Students: Divine Messages


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