Review Lessons 155-156

   Anger is always one of the ego’s fiercest weapons. Subtle anger may come out in the form of childish play but it is always used to separate, attack and isolate. There is no such thing as subtle anger. It is a devious decoy to lead God’s Son astray. Childish anger can become an idol that can be pulled out and placed upon the altar so as to crucify the Son of God and make manifest what is simply not true. We are not separate from our Father nor are we separate from each other. Our brothers and sisters share complete Oneness with us in the Kingdom of Heaven with our Father right now. We are not isolated. And we are not separate from each other. We are friends, the best of friends always. There is no separation in Heaven and this idea we must make manifest in the world to free us from the chains of hell.

   Always remember to choose to practice seeing and remembering our oneness with each other. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you in times when you are tempted to pull out the idol of anger and place it on the altar of Christ instead of seeing the Christ Himself. Defile the temple of Christ no more. Remember to choose to see the Light of Christ that dwells within yourself and within your brothers each time you are tempted to use subtle anger to crucify yourself.

Excerpt from Lesson 173 in our Journey Through the Workbook for Students: Divine Messages


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