Review Lessons 139-140  

The other insight I had came as Paul shared more about his childhood experiences. In this world we have made, we have divided out time to five days of “work” and two days of “play, rest and worship.” And so, we do not rest until we have completed our work. Mmmm…that sounds familiar. Not only that we give God one day, maybe not an entire day, but an hour of our time. And then we wonder why we feel so disconnected. And so, here I am living in limits that I have placed upon myself, always searching for what will be the next solution to my happiness. A vacation perhaps….ah…but we still don’t want to go back to work after that too. Why not vacation or weekend in your mind?

   In relation to this whole talk on the 7 days of the week, what also came to me was the Course quote, “Make this year different by making it all the same.” To me, the Holy Spirit said, “Make each day different by making them all the same. Give the time to God. Give the time to play. Give the time to work. Give the time to rest. Give the time to complete the tasks. Give the time for happiness. And this is done by giving all that you do to Me. It is very simple. Step back and allow Me to step forward in your life. You have tried to find happiness in a day or two of rest. Rest with Me throughout the moments of your day and you will know the meaning then of being in the moment. You will not feel angst or anxiousness, tiredness or the desire to be elsewhere because you will only be in one place with Me, the place of peace. There is no time like the present. That is what you need. This Now moment is your salvation and I ask you to accept it now.”

Excerpt from Lesson 150 in our Journey Through the Workbook for Students: Divine Messages


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