When I am healed I am not healed alone.

   In order for us to truly learn what Jesus means when he says “when we are healed we are not healed alone” it is important for us to remember to commit and recommit ourselves to developing the habit of connecting with God. The practice of connecting with God is accomplished by having the willingness to periodically stop ourselves during the day, go within and listen to God. When we are silent and listening, observing with open minds, God’s gifts begin to come to us. God’s gifts come to us in many forms. We may receive thoughts or inspirations that contain the solution to a problem that may be going on in our lives at that time, we may see pictures or images in our mind, we may hear the Voice of the Holy Spirit speak to us, we may see words, we may hear music or songs, or we may see the Light of God Himself.

   All of these gifts and many more come forth to heal us and the world along with us each time we take time to practice receiving His gifts. Jesus tells us in the Manual for Teachers that His gifts always benefit everyone. When we practice being still with an open mind and waiting for God to do something, something will just suddenly happen. We really we need do nothing but open up and receive His gifts.

Excerpt from Lesson 139 in our Journey Through the Workbook for Students: Divine Messages


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