Sickness is a defense against the truth.

  In today’s lesson, Jesus says that “Healing will flash across your open mind.” What he is talking about here is the experience of perceiving yourself as a Vision of Christ. Remember, we are not bodies, we are spirit. The Holy Spirit has a gift for us to perceive within our minds. That gift is the perception of the flash of the white light of Christ. It takes a lot of practice to begin to learn how to perceive the Light of our True Self. When we perceive the Light, we are perceiving “the Light of Truth” which he also mentions in today’s lesson.

   When we first begin to open up to perceiving the Light within our minds, many of us will begin by perceiving little sparks of white light or flashes that look like stars. Some of us will have holy encounters with the Light of Christ and the Great Rays emanating from Him. Remember that these experiences are all a reflection of our True Selves. When they begin to happen, not only do we perceive the Light within our minds, we also begin to receive many other gifts from the Light at the same time as well. The brighter the light perceived, the more the gifts are experienced. This is why we practice mind training through the practice of the Workbook Lessons.

Excerpt from Lesson 136 in our Journey Through the Workbook for Students: Divine Messages


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