Salvation comes from my one Self.

I can only see my one Self from the Home of Light which is in my mind. As I sit in contemplation reaching past the clouds of doubt, the eternal light shines in its strength. Whatever has gone before this moment in time does not seem to matter; only the brilliance of my soul matters. When I can come to this haven of happiness, I am using the power of my mind which was given to me in my creation. I am strong, all sense of weakness disappears, any physical malady that may be there (including my seeming hay fever) is gone as I rest in Him and hear His Thoughts of assurance and hope. I am saved each time I remember my Oneness in Him and my brothers. I certainly see the futility of conflicts with others, the simplicity of salvation in a loving embrace, the abundance that peace brings when I join with the Holy Spirit in my mind. All that I have craved or desired before is gone.

Excerpt from Lesson 96 in our Journey Through the Workbook for Students: Divine Messages


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