As you may know, 2019 has been our year that we at MiraclesOne held as the Year of Practical Application. That is, the dedication to the practice of the Workbook for Students Lessons. In 2020, although the Workbook Lessons will not be our main focus, you certainly can repeat the lessons. Many students do so year after year.

As always, we continue to support your practice of the lessons with this website of Workbook for Students resources. Additionally, our Daily Workbook Lesson Practice continues as it has done for many years. Starting January 1st, we will be offering a sharing circle after the 15 minute practice portion. This Sharing Circle will be 20-45 minutes after the initial 15 minutes depending on who is in attendance and if anyone has something that they would like to share. Anyone can attend this session and it is free.

Our Email Study Group and our Practical Application Facebook Group will also be resources where you can share your practice of the daily lesson, no matter what lesson you are on.

You can find out more about the Daily Practice at this link for our Study Groups and Classes, including Email Study Group and Facebook Group.

Our other programming for 2020 will consist of a free ACIM Study Program that will be shared in our weekly enews and through our Email Study Group and Facebook Group. Rev. Paul Phelps will be in charge of this program that will include a monthly theme, meditation and specific ACIM readings for each week, along with a weekly video teaching. I may be joining him at times in this. Your donations are appreciated.

Our new A Circle of Peace year-long commitment program, Rev. Deb (myself) will be overseeing which is an in-depth study of the Characteristics of God’s Teachers. This is where we learn to Live in the Heart of A Course in Miracles. This consists of a monthly focus on a characteristic with daily assignments with journal prompts, weekly meditations, videos and posts, a practice circle to join, private sessions, community and more. This program is for our monthly donors at the $20 or above levels.

Thank you for being with us in 2019, and here’s to 2020.

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P.S. I have some catch up to do on the written and audio items I was doing for this year. I hope to have this completed before the end of the year. Additionally, I have a couple of our Self-Study courses to add to the site from our exploration of the discourses in Part II of the Workbook. (The What is…? sections).


Since you’re here… …we have a small favor to ask. More people are reading our posts, listening to our audios and watching our videos than ever before but far fewer are donating for it. As an all-volunteer ministry, you can see why we need to ask for your help. MiraclesOne provides ACIM resources freely however it takes a lot of time, money and hard work to produce. But we do it because we believe in encouraging others to practically apply the Course principles in their lives – because it might just make the one difference in your life. If everyone who reads, listens or watches and likes what we offer helps to pay for it we can continue to afford our expenses and keep our resources FREE to all ACIM Students. Monthly Donors receive free gifts in appreciation for their support.

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